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Le Petit Prince

One of the most profound books I've ever had to read, I'd say would be "Le Petit Prince" By Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It was written shortly after WWII, and expresses a very innocent and yet simple theme. It is rare that a writing touches me in the way that this story has. The Little Prince talks to the Fox in the 21st chapter, after visiting all the different planets, and cogitating over his beloved rose. The Fox, to whom he has just tamed, tells him a threefold secret, before it comes time for the little prince to depart. I think the secret represents the sole moral message of the book. The Fox tells him that one can only see well with the heart because the eyes miss the essential; that the time the prince has lost for his beloved rose[in symbolism, she(the rose) represents his love] is what makes her so important; and that a person is forever responsible for what he has tamed. In the book, taming someone means making that person special to you or falling in love with them in a sense - when you tame someone, you always risk crying a little. The book is really cute, and really moving in a child-like sense. This is one of my favorite books as of now, but I think it still ties with The Vampire Lestat.
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