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Well, it's the old live journal again

Well hey everyone out ther in LJ land. I hope you're all doing well, and if you're reading this post I'm flattered already.
I know, this is probably inappropriate but I have been awake awhile and basically thinking about life, love, relationships, and myself. I'm really happy for everyone that I'm close to or once was close to that are in happy, successful relationships. I think love creates a magnificent connection between one person and another. I have always been a fan.
Anyhow, on the inappropriate note, relationships and that whole concept basically have been on my mind alot. I mean, constantly, I am always thinking about them. I have convinced myself that I want to be in one, but in a few years I plan on leaving the country so even trying for a successful one really would be kind of pointless. Seeing as how me living in another country wouldn't neccesarily work out.
Nevertheless, the reason I wanted to post this is that I am happy being single and unatached for this reason: There will never be a guy(maybe not never but chances look slim here) be a guy that is secure enough in his masculinity to handle me. And who fits the profile of being a suitable mate(for lack of a better term) by my standards.
Seriously, I don't mean to sound like a self-serving bitch when I say this because it is honestly how I feel and pretty much I couldn't sleep, and thought this would be good to get off my chest or something.
I have so much love for everyone, and I really feel that everyone is just awesome. You are all awesome in your own ways! Really, I think this, I do honestly.
Anyway, I think I am a pretty unique person in that sense, and I just thought I'd share my thoughts because I can't sleep. And you know how when something's on your mind and you can't sleep you gotta talk to somebody about it. This was my goal! :)
Anyway, that's the 3rd time I've written "anyway" so I guess I better wrap this up.
For those of you who read this post I hope you found it someone entertaining/enlightening/interesting or whatever. Later Folks! Heh...
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